Custom Preservation Deposit



Jewelry made from preserved botanicals allows us to create wearable reminders of significant moments in our lives. From birth, through breath, and even into death – flowers and botanical elements are tangible symbols of our memories of moments and those we love.

With them, we carry the promise of memory and of hope for the future. 

We will work together to create the perfect pieces to bring you the lasting comfort and joy of holding your memories close.

I offer an array of options in resin (where the botanical specimen and colors are visible) or in electroformed copper (where the botanical specimen is completely covered in copper). Gemstone, glass, feathers, additional botanicals and other accents can be added to make your item as unique as you are!

For resin preservation, a few petals or leaves are all that we need to create. For electroforming preservation, we can start with botanical elements in any amount – from a simple leaf, twig or stem – or whole intact flower. We can make rings to custom size, pendants, earrings or other items that suit your preferences and aesthetic.

The options are basically unlimited!

Some details:

Custom work begins with a non-refundable 50% deposit, from which your reservation deposit of $25 is deducted.

Current processing time: Items will ship within 10-15 business days from receipt of customer botanical elements

How it works:

  1. Create a reservation to hold production time for your custom work with a $25 non-refundable reservation deposit. You can do this by simply purchasing through this listing!
  2. Upon receipt of your reservation deposit, you’ll receive a confirmation email with additional instructions and design requests for your work. At that time, you’ll receive a quote for the custom piece(s), and work will commence once the remainder of the 50% non-refundable deposit (if applicable) and botanical elements are received. Pricing for custom design is approximately 20% higher than listed items due to the time for design and communication.
  3. You’ll also receive the address to which you’ll ship your dried botanical items.
    • Items must be clean and dry and packaged to prevent damage in transit.
    • Please be advised that not all items are suitable for preservation. We reserve the right to refuse any package that contains items unsuitable for the preservation process. 
    • For questions on your item, please email with a detailed description of your desired result. (and images of the item if possible!)
    • It’s rare, but sometimes items don’t make it through the process intact. Please do not send the last or only remnants of a sentimental item without understanding there is a slim possibility that unanticipated challenges occasionally arise, and sometimes botanical items are unable to withstand the process.
    • You’ll be updated with pictures and status of the project, and your item will ship via priority mail as soon as the balance after deposit is paid.